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Retribution Engine Documentation
The Retribution Engine has been designed for first person action games on 3D accelerated PCs running Windows. The engine is freeware, so you are free to download it and play the selection of games and extra levels that are available. If you are interested to learn more about the engine features then take a look at the specification page. Manuals and tutorials are provided in the download package. Source code is also available (GPL license)

Note: This project is NOT to be confused with the X-Box game called Retribution. Retribution uses Artificial Studio's Reality engine and so does not have an engine of it's own, but some dumb game sites have been releasing videos of the 'Retribution Engine' which are in fact videos of the game Retribution running on the Reality engine. This is very annoying! I've been using the name Retribution Engine since at least 2002 and I have a lot of time and effort invested in my 'brand name'

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