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4. Demos

The aim of this section is to demonstrate the OpenGL rendering techniques that are covered in the tutorials section. In addition, I will try to add other demos that I think may be useful to programmers. All demos will include source code.

All the programs are written in C using GLUT. Some of the programs also require GLU. If you require library files or headers for OpenGL, GLU or GLUT refer to the links page. Through the use of GLUT, most of the demos should be portable to any platform that supports OpenGL. I have tested the demos in both Windows and Linux (where applicable).

Some of the demos (labelled 'WIN32') will only work on Windows platforms that support the named extension. If you wish to port these to another platform, you will have to modify the code that obtains the extension function entry points.

4.1 Light Maps

Light Mapping (Multipass)    lightmap1.tar.gz

Light Mapping (ARB_multitexture) - WIN32

4.2 Volumetric Fog

Volumetric Fog (Multipass)    volfog1.tar.gz

Volumetric Fog (EXT_fog_coord) - WIN32

4.3 Shadows

Simple Shadows    shadows1.tar.gz

Complex Shadows    shadows2.tar.gz

Complex Shadows (Using Stencil Buffer)    shadows3.tar.gz

4.4 Movement

Camera Movement    movement1.tar.gz

Planetary Movement    movement2.tar.gz

4.5 Landscapes

Terrain Rendering (Fixed Mesh)

Terrain Rendering (Quad Tree)