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My Oric Story

What was the Oric?

For me, my programming life began on an Oric-1 16k home computer. The Oric was a really great machine that was overshadowed by the runaway success of the Sinclair Spectrum. It had very similar capabilities to the spectrum but for me had better sound, had a better keyboard, and was easier to program. The Oric incorporated a 6502 processor running at 1MHz and was available with 16k or 48k RAM. Later, the Oric Atmos was released which was a slightly improved machine with a proper keyboard and I invested in the 48k version.

My Oric Games

In the 3 years that I programmed on the Oric I wrote many games programs and utilities. I had a number of games published in magazines but many more, some of which I was quite proud of, were never released to the public. I had always wondered if someone had written an emulator for the Oric and even started writing one myself. I still had a lot of the listings for my programs and thought it would be fun to resurrect them.

Some time ago I discovered an excellent PC emulator for the Oric, called Euphoric, that solved all my problems. I started to type in all my old games and some are available for download on this site. I intended to type in all my games eventually but development of Euphoric stopped and it sometimes won't work with modern hardware, including my monitor...